Craft Beer Corner By Jim Flash Gordon,


The best craft beer are usually the ones brewed closest to your local bar, the kegs are fresh, probably a week or so old. Like all good craft beer, no chemicals or additives, just good wholesome hops, malts etc. and of course water! When we travel around Ireland, it amazes us how many bars stock Metalman, a true testament to the genius brewing of Grainne Walsh & Tim Barber. Metalman Brewery is situated in Waterford City Centre (not Tramore) and have gone from strength to strength since its inception nearly 3 years ago. Their Beers are only available on tap from your local, no bottles unfortunately. If your local bar doesn’t stock it, ask them why not, its great local beer, beer as it should be. Below are some of Metalman’ s beer creations, mostly seasonal, just to keep you guessing what’s on Tap


Pale Ale

American style pale ale, dark gold in colour with a delicate white head. Citrus and floral aromas lead into hop flavours characterised by grapefruit and mandarin produced by American hops. A dry bitter finish makes this an eminently enjoyable and refreshing beer. This is our best craft on tap at Revolution & Oskars, come in and try it.



Hazy golden wheat beer with a punchy Belgian twist! Alternator is a light-to-medium bodied beer, lightly bittered, with a citrus finish from Cascade hops which is complemented by spicy flavours from coriander, pepper and a Belgian yeast. Bit of an Autumn Beer Style, no on tap at the moment



A pale amber beer, hopped exclusively with lots of New Zealand varieties. An antipodean extravaganza, lightly carbonated with a soft bitterness from a combination of Southern Cross and Pacifica, leading into tropical fruit flavours of pineapple and mango, with the wonderful addition of grapes from Nelson Sauvin hops – a delightful spring beer!   Now pouring in Oskar, Revolution in the next few weeks.


Chameleon Ginger

A range rather than one particular beer, Chameleon is our vehicle for experimentation! When we want to try something a bit different, or a variation on a theme, we brand it under Chameleon. So far we’ve had ginger, chilli, lime and a multitude of dry hops. Anything goes! Coming to Oskars this week



Moonbeam is a dark beer with a light body, bursting with cocoa notes, and a devilishly hoppy character from lashings of Nugget and Pacific Gem in the kettle and the conditioner. Not that easy to fit into a given style, so make of it what you will – Probably be brewed for next Winter.


A Lovely Red Ale with Sorachi Ace hops – notes of toasted malt, caramel and biscuit, hopped with varieties from three different continents. A combination of Bramling Cross, Pacific Gem and Sorachi Ace, added in the both the kettle and the cask, deliver complimentary flavours to give a rounded, quaffable beer with plenty of body and a lovely dry bittersweet finish. Pouring in Oskars, limited supply.