A premium Champagne of the highest class. This Dom Perignon is presented in a luxury gift box making it the perfect present for a man or a woman. A dry white Champagne that stands the test of time radiating class and elegance with every sip.

A pale gold colour with a palate of citrus fruit, apple and peach. This is followed by a full bodied yet refreshing palate of lemon, fresh bread, toasted brioche and cream, with a lime driven finish. Pair with seafood or serve as an aperitif. Beautifully follows on from Dom perignon’s earlier vintages

When Father Pierre Pérignon took over as cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668, his avowed goal was “to make the best wine in the world”. For a young monk just 30 years old, it took a visionary spirit and exceptional audacity to set such lofty ambitions. He succeeded in transforming the history of wine and is known today as the spiritual father of champagne.

Today, the House of Dom Pérignon has perpetuated the visionary approach instilled by its founder, a vision that continues to express the essence of true luxury: continual reinvention of the exceptional. This reinvention is what guides the inspiration of Dom Pérignon chef de cave Richard Geoffroy as he crafts each new Dom Pérignon vintage.

As Richard Geoffroy notes: “The grapes are never the same from one year to the next. If a harvest does not meet Dom Pérignon’s unyielding standards, there will be no vintage champagne that year. This isn’t a value judgment—it’s an aesthetic vision.”

The unique personality of Dom Pérignon champagne is born of this creative commitment. There is always an unexpected, paradoxical tension between the distinctive qualities of a year and the timeless spirit of Dom Pérignon, a sensation that gives the champagne charisma, imparting weightlessness, airy richness and suppleness from the first impression to the long-lasting finish.

The profound emotion of Dom Pérignon lies precisely in the tension sustained by a brand whose name is intimately associated with the birth of champagne more than 300 years ago, a brand which, over time, has become an unrivalled icon of luxury.