Sold as Dunbrody Red. The color of the beer is a nice light ruby red, with some hints of brown. The beer pours a little layer of rough brownish white foam. The bulk of the foam collapses quickly. The beer has a little cloudiness. The smell is a little mild.There are some mild aromas of strawberry and some malty tones. There is a little roasty touch to it. The smell is rather simple. It could have had a little more depth. The taste is a little better. It has the same flavor of strawberry. There is also some roasted barley in it. This is a good balans to the sweet fruitiness. The beer misses a little kick. The flavors and aromas could have been a bit stronger. There is a delicious citrusy hop touch to it though. The palate is normal. All in all, not a bad beer.

Brewer: Beer Brewing Company | ABV: 4.7% | Price: €5.50

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