In 1994, the Midleton Distillery Master Distiller, Barry Crockett, made a rare discovery when making his rounds of casks at the Old Midleton Distillery where his father, Max Crockett, had been Master Distiller before him. It was a cask not identified on his stock charts. The cask had been laid down 30 years earlier, in 1964, and had escaped enumeration on the commissioning of the new distillery.

This Single Pot Still whiskey was bottled in 1994 and is named after the river that has supplied the Midleton distillery with water since 1825. It is an extremely rare bottling from Midleton and the prized possession of only very few connoisseurs.

It was discovered in warehouse #11 and based on limited edition numbers seen there were at least 1,238 bottles which suggests at least 4 or 5 casks were required to reach these numbers.

This was a pure pot still bourbon cask 40% bottling and one if the last bottlings of whiskey distilled during the period of the Cork Distilleries Company before the merger in 1966. Quite subtle for it’s age and reminds some of an aged Powers.

Nose: Complex, robust, slightly dry.
Taste: Sweet with honey and molasses to begin and then a malt biscuit with Demerara coating. A full-bodied whiskey.
Finish: The pot still shows itself especially at the end with hints of vanilla, spice and a touch of dryness.

Distiller Midleton | ABV: 40% | Price: €77