After showcasing tequila recently, I’ve been waiting to try out one that has caught my eye in more the bottle than anything. Once you realise the brand, and the logo, you can understand the link – its name? Olmeca.

Olmeca is produced at Destileria Colonial de Jalisco in the town of Arandas, Jalisco in Western Mexico which incidentally is 2104 metres above sea level. Operation at the plant is overseen by Maestro Tequilero Jesús Hernández and as the Master Distiller he is responsible for supervising the hand-selected blue agave picked after 7–8 years of growth. Once harvested, traditional brick ovens are then used to slow cook the piñas. Part of the production process at Olmeca involves using the 500-year-old traditional and artisanalTahona method, which consists of a 2 tonne millstone made of volcanic rock, known locally as Tezontle. Once the Agave piñas have been harvested and cooked, they are crushed by the Tahona, creating a pulp and drawing out the juice from the fibres. This juice is referred to as Tahona Liquid, of which a percentage is integrated into the fermentation and distillation process of all Olmeca Tequilas, with Olmeca Tezón exclusively containing 100% Tahona Liquid.

Distiller ;Olmeca | ABV: 40% | Price: €5

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