Tequila is unique from other spirits in many ways, but one that stands out is the size of the plant from which it is produced. The cereals, grains and even sugar cane that are used to produce vodka, whisky, rum and so on pale in comparison with the cracking size of the Agave plant from which tequila is produced. The Agave plant can weigh in at some 200lbs and take up to 7 years to reach maturity, making the growing just as much of a labour of love as the harvesting is just plain labour!

Patron tequila is produced using a mix of old skills and modern technology; the harvested pina being first steamed for 79 hrs, before being shredded then macerated using  a stone wheel taken from a local mountain called a Tahona. The juice from the macerated agave is them fermented in wooden tanks for 72 hrs to create ‘must’ which is then twice distilled in copper pot stills, with filtration and blending taking place after each distillation

Nose: Slightly oily and almost ‘meaty’ agave aromas combine with lime and grapefruit top notes. Much lighter and more citrusy than many tequilas.

Neat: A somewhat fleeting appearance of sweet agave leads to earthier notes that rapidly develop into peppery spice that lingers and dominates the finish which is strangely metallic. A touch of blue cheese and plum offer promise, but like the agave are just a touch brief. This will appeal likely to non-traditional tequila drinkers.

Distiller ;Patron | ABV: 40% | Price: €7

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