On the nose, elderflower and elderberry give the gin some lift, but it never strays too far from a core juniper backbone. Shortcross has a classic yet contemporary flavour. Verdant notes from juniper and clover are layered with the lemony coriander spice. There’s a delicate peppery yet leafy (angelica) finish too, with an overall oily mouthfeel that adds a rich texture to the experience when tasted neat. Elderberries emerge to taste too, complementing the floral elements well. It’s not often that a gin has a sense of place. Few set out to achieve it and even fewer succeed.

In this light, Shortcross is an intriguing gin that’s true to the base idea of “Craft Gin”, which should be about having its regional accents as well as the small batch methods that the term implies. It’s impossibly smooth too. We’ve tasted it time and again and never quite believed the 46% ABV (it really is) as it’s simply so soft and elegant.

Distiller: Rademon Estate Distillery | ABV: 46% | Price: €7