I am really regretting not visiting this brewery when I was in Bruges. The brewery makes three beers: Brugse Zot, Straffe Hendrik Tripel and Straffe Hendrik Quad. I have had the Zot, so I just need to buy the Tripel now.

As for the quad, this must be one of the lightest quads I have ever had. The flavours have a way of just melting away into your mouth without oppressing you too much on the way. It should be noted that there is still a significant amount of body and flavour, just compared to other quads, it seems a little light (which is actually a good thing).

The bottle says there is a “clean dryness” that I suppose is what I am trying to get at. There are light hints of dried fruits and a sweet maltiness. Also, as this beer warms up, it seems to get a little smoother and more drinkable. Quite a surprise.

Distiller: Brouwerij De Halve Maan | ABV: 9% | Price: €5