Dunbrody Red Ale

Sold as Dunbrody Red. The color of the beer is a nice light ruby red, with some hints of brown. The beer pours a little layer of rough brownish white foam. The bulk of the foam collapses quickly. The beer has a little cloudiness. The smell is a little mild.There are some mild aromas of […]

12 Foot Under Amber A Cleaver Man

Full-bodied with the rich and rewarding flavours of Vienna and Crystal malts, with the natural aroma of classical hop varieties over a rich malt base. This edition to the “Clever Man” collection is named in honour of John P. Holland, the Irish inventor of the modern submarine! Brewer: Drew Fox Brewing, Wexford | ABV: 4.5% | Price: €5.50  

Dundrody Ale

The combination of Master Celebrity Chef Kevin Dundon from Dunbrody House and local Brew Master Kieran Bird take great pride in developing and nurturing authentic craft beers.Their Brew Master is fastidious in the pursuit of his craft and passionate about delivering beer made to the highest standards.Kieran and Kevin spend lots of time and effort […]