Tanqueray Rangpur

Tanqueray is one of our favourite gins, so any special variant is something to be happy about. This is brilliant stuff, flavoured with Rangpur limes – a zesty and very juicy Indian variety. The results are lip-smackingly delicious. Distiller: Tanqueray Distillery | ABV: 41.3% | Price: €6.50

Gordons Gin

What makes this gin great is, obviously, the taste. I liken the aroma of cold gin to a bouquet of flowers you should smell them. Gordon’s smells sweet and piney with hints of burning alcohol…in a good way. The flavour of Gordon’s London Dry Gin essentially breaks down into five parts; evergreen, citrus, floral notes, […]

Shortcross Gin

On the nose, elderflower and elderberry give the gin some lift, but it never strays too far from a core juniper backbone. Shortcross has a classic yet contemporary flavour. Verdant notes from juniper and clover are layered with the lemony coriander spice. There’s a delicate peppery yet leafy (angelica) finish too, with an overall oily […]

Gabriel Boudier Gin

First up is the colour. It looks something like a children’s drink resembling Pedialyte or those orange hugs. I had the same sort of cognitive dissonance when drinking the Tru gin. If my Gin and Tonic isn’t crystal clear, it doesn’t feel like a gin and tonic. As for the taste it goes surprisingly well […]

Gordons Cucumber Crisp

Taste and Nose Cucumber and citrus on the nose. A tad lemon, but there’s a nice bit of juniper in here. Recognisable as not normal Gordon’s for sure. That faint vegetable note, although sweet, might be enough to push folks out of the comfort zone. Taste is weak and slightly sweet at first, culminating rapidly […]


What makes Edinburgh Gin so unique and distinctive, are the carefully selected, notoriously soft Scottish botanicals, which are mixed with heather and milk thistle, and added at the final production stage. Distiller: Spencerfield Spirit Co. Distillery | ABV: 43% | Price: €5

The Botanist

An exciting and unusual gin from Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich, The Botanist is made in a Lomond still christened Ugly Betty and contains no fewer than 31 botanicals, of which 22 are native to the Southern Hebridean island itself. The latter include the likes of mugwort, meadowsweet and the enigmatic Lady’s Bedstraw flowers, and the […]

Tanqueray 10

A super-premium small-batch Tanqueray gin named after the No.10 still in which it is made. A superbly controlled explosion of botanical flavours, with much more citrus character than its Export Strength cousin.  ABV: 47.3% | Price: €7 Tasting Video


Tanqueray is a London Dry Gin with a dry and crisp taste. Whilst the recipe is a fiercely guarded secret, it is thought to contain as little as four botanicals. Bottled at 47.3% ABV, it’s very dry and has strong juniper notes with a hint of spice.  | ABV: 47.3% | Price: €6.50 Tasting Video

Plymouth Sloe Gin

This is made by steeping sloe berries in Plymouth Gin and then blending it with Dartmouth water. A great, crisp and fruity sloe gin from Plymouth. Distiller: Plymouth | ABV: 26% | Price: €6.50 Tasting Video