The Best of Irish Beer & Shopping Local

Craft beer corner by Jim Flash Gordon of Revolution & Oskars   Shopping local is the new Buzz word these days, and in the craft beer business it’s no different. Irish craft beer is as good if not better than our English & European Counterparts. Starting locally with the much acclaimed Metalman Brewery, here in […]


by Jim Flash Gordon, Revolution & Oskars I’m always a bit worried getting new beers on draught, will the punters like them, will the staff embrace them, am I mad getting rid of the main stream beers, one by one ? I suppose I am. Life if full of challenges, and the craft beer market […]

With Great Beer comes Great Responsibility

Craft beer column by Jim Flash Gordon of Revolution & Oskars Bars   We are used to going to our local bar, ordering a Pint or a long neck of beer, craft or not, it’s what we do. This week we purchased a selection of seasonal brews by Brooklyn Brewery, all in 750ml bottles, same […]

Beer & A Whiskey Chaser Please!

Beer Corner by Jim Flash Gordon (Revolution & Oskars Bars)   WE’VE BEEN HEARING a lot of palaver lately about the new bourgeois sport of “doing pairings.” It’s not what you think; it’s the far less amusing pastime of competitively picking the precise wine that best accompanies a given bit of food. Match up a nice […]