Pubs Dedicated to Craft Beer and Whiskey

Craft Beer Column by Jim Flash Gordon of Revolution & Oskars   When Revolution started some 11 Years ago, I was one of the first bars to Stock Budvar, Franzkarner , Spaten and Leffe. We installed Freezers behind the bar for shots, and the world was at one with us. Now we are 4 years […]

Keeping It Local!

Craft Beer Corner By Jim Flash Gordon,   The best craft beer are usually the ones brewed closest to your local bar, the kegs are fresh, probably a week or so old. Like all good craft beer, no chemicals or additives, just good wholesome hops, malts etc. and of course water! When we travel around […]

Hoppy Crafty Christmas

Craft Beer by Jim Flash Gordon of Revolution & Oskars It was like Santa arrived at Revolution & Oskars last Thursday. Our Delivery of Christmas Beers arrived, tastier and better than last year. It’s a Tough job tasting new arrivals, but someone has to do it, it may as well be me. All decent companies […]

Good Irreverent Marketing of Beer

Craft Beer Corner by Jim Flash Gordon   NO big marketing budgets, NO Rocky Mountains or NO Santa Claus driving a 40ft juggernaut through the snow. Just great beers, with cheeky names, irreverent descriptions, something to talk about in the bar (besides sport) Try these descriptions by the brewer to see what I mean.   […]