Look–Pours a pleasant amber color with a decent head which is quickly gone. Traces of lacing throughout the drink, however. Somewhat disappointing in how clear it is. Ultra-filtered.

Smell–Esters/medicinal. Nothing offensive but nothing remarkable. Not terribly complex. Disappointing for an “Abbey” ale.

Taste–Initially very very very…sweet. Cloying doesn’t cover it. And not in a manner evocative of any particular sweet-flavored thing–just sweet-flavored beer. There is not enough carbonation or of anything else to balance the sweetness. I’ve had beers that have this much sweetness on part of the palate, but they’ve usually had something else they bring to the party. It isn’t undrinkable–it’s actually pretty smooth. As the beer warms, things even out slightly–so I would recommend drinking this one closer to room temp.

Feel–Smooth and creamy. The carbonation is initially there, but it doesn’t have enough staying power in that regard.

Brewer: Leffe| ABV: 6.6% | Price: €5.90

Leffe Commercial